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SpaceTravel is a Singapore based company offering military grade satellite and navigation for government and non-government entities. It strives to enable consumers to have an enhanced lifestyle experience by allowing them to explore places of interest, both in-door and out-door.

SpaceTravel features an innovative flagship app “BUBU,” which is powered by superior geospatial technology, blockchain and augmented reality (AR), BUBU is a lifestyle app that enable users to navigate the best destination deals around them while enjoying an innovative gamified reward experience.

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BuBu suite of services

Powered by SpaceTravel

Integrating location intelligence into an innovative lifestyle app

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Find your destination with our indoor and outdoor maps

WHat the app can do?

For Drivers and Commuters

Easier navigation with both indoor and outdoor maps of places, and Real-time updates of traffic information

For Merchants

Understand crowd demographics and directly advertise offers to consumers in the area

For Consumers

See reviews on shops and products, Receive deals and promotions from merchants, and Earn points and rewards from participating in activities and programs

For Logistic Companies

Accurately pinpoint collection points and delivery locations

For Tourists

Easier access to tourist attractions and hassle-free tax refunds

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Get a whole new experience with BUBU suite of services

Level up your lifestyle experience with our Bubu suite of services

Level up your lifestyle experience with our Bubu suite of services

The SpaceTravel OneMap is a one-stop app for navigating the maze of streets of different countries, combining real-time traffic conditions and user inputs to pinpoint and recommend places of interest.

Location-based Lifestyle App with integrative review and reward system. This app serves Customer-centric location-based functions such as restaurant reviews, attractions discounts, experience curation

Not Just Another Map App

The many map apps in the market help people move from one place to another. The better ones even provide travel directions as well as highlight landmarks. But most maps stop there.

Users have to switch apps or access specific websites to find out more, for example:
. The location of specific stores in an indoor building
.Visitor information on places of interest
.Merchant information, products and ongoing deals

SpaceTravel solves these problems by bringing together common applications under a single app to bring improved lifestyle convenience to users.

Cutting-Edge Navigational Satellite Technology

SPACETRAVEL’s mission is to develop geospatial solutions and innovations to year-round challenges issued by the market needs and strategic industry clients. This will be done through the delivery of solutions, prototypes and the providence of expertise.

In addition to the enhancement and development work committed to the English version of the OneMap by GeoWorks, SPACETRAVEL is poised to create an “Experience Platform” for Chinese tourists to conduct their much-needed activities before (planning), during (on-site) and after (review) their visit to Singapore through BUBU Suite of Services. Such an “Experience Platform” is currently prevalent in domestic China tourism which host a suite of services to cater to the traveling demands of the Chinese tourists. The navigational satellite tech enablement will be contributed by SPACETRAVEL.

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